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The Eight Eyes That Watch You Die

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Halloween is over and winter is slowly but surely creeping towards the North East. With the extended warmth, the pumpkins are growing mold pretty fast and have already sunken into themselves like I took a bat to a few of them. There was a cold snap today, and it’s a promise of what I hate, which is winter. The cold makes it hard for me to type and the early darkness is miserable. But hey, at least there’s Christmas and New Years to look forward to. Overall Halloween was great! A new tradition has been started, that of spending the night at my sister’s and handing out candy with my younger sister and her children. It’s nice to break up the year with family and I’m surprised it’s taken this many years for Halloween to hold any place in our yearly get together’s.

I digress. It’s been goddamn busy since I last wrote. Aside from the obvious work schedule and daily grind, I’ve started a collection of novellas and short stories that all revolve around the same mythos introduced in my long story “The God of Dead Dreamers”, which was published in Shroud last winter. For those who haven’t read it, read it, but if you don’t feel like it the basic premise is that there is a group of people addicted to a drug called silk, which comes from petrified gossamers from a species of spider that no longer exists, or never existed or came from “above”. So far I’ve finished about four, and will write an additional four in 2016 between other projects (edits on A Song For John, short stories, and a few scripts). It’s a fun concept and it’s cool to build the mythos from different perspectives and characters, and some characters mention other characters as well as other events that transpired. Currently I’m wrapping up a first draft on “Dream Dress” which is one of the eight stories featuring the spider mythos and probably the longest so far. “Dream Dress” in particular is about a girl who becomes obsessed with a designer called Dream Dress, discovering a dark secret about the material used. After a round of edits and rewrites it will be self published and sold as a physical chapbook, hopefully with some cool art work. And, for those who are familiar, it features a heavy dose of lolita culture, a community of which I’ve seen alot of these past few years thanks to my fiancee Mildred. In fact, it was her that said, “you write write a horror story about lolitas and we should sell it at cons”. So if the story is good, you can thank her!

The collection itself is tentatively titled The Eight Eyes That Watch You Die and I’ve pitched it to a few editors and gotten some good responses. Nothing has been signed yet or anything like that, but I definitely plan on writing the remaining four stories regardless, just to put them out there and try to get some more short work published.

Aside from that, I started playing music again in a band called Night Film (yes, based no the book, which I loved in parts and hated in others). So far it’s been great, really fun writing music again, and the people involved are super talented and overall just great to work with. Hopefully sometime next year we’ll record and play out. Hell, if the planets align and A Song For John gets picked up, it has always been my day dreaming fantasy to do a book release that doubles as a show. So who knows, maybe sometime in the next couple of years Night Film will play the book release show for A Song For John.

So there you have it. Book is being beta read, a collection is being put together, scripts will be written this winter, and a band is starting. I hope you all enjoy whatever comes of it and thanks for reading and enjoying my work.

Until then, here’s to being scary.