W. P. Johnson

Featured Work

Stories featured in anthologies or other publications (in order of most recent):

“The Furies of Pennsylvania” in Pantheon Magazine: Aphrodite (print)

“Time To Kill” in Dark Moon Digest 15# (kindle/print)

“Phone Call” in Pavor Nocturnus: Volume II (print)

“The King” in American Nightmare (kindle/print)

“Cut In Half” in One Night Stands (kindle)

“Painted Nails” in Infernal Ink Magazine (kindle)

“A Witch In West Kansas” in Cipher Sisters (kindle/print)

“Little Man” in One Buck Horror (kindle)

“The Executioner’s Son” in The Best of Dark Eclipse (kindle)

“The Executioner’s Son” in Dark Eclipse 18 (kindle)

“Tonight, Tonight” in Niteblade (epub)

“Tonight, Tonight” in Niteblade (kindle)

“Track Tracks” in Weird Noir (kindle/print)

“Cold Heart” in Nova Parade (kindle)

“White Light, White Heat” in Pulp Modern III (kindle)

“The Stench” in Kzine (kindle)

“Skin” in Microhorror (online/free)


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